fbpx Life or Death: Austin Party Weekend Playlist Edition – IHEARTCOMIX
March 18th, 2015

Austin Party Weekend! It’s here! It’s upon us! And we can’t wait to get in the mix. There are so, so many trillion f-ing amazing artists performing, but we went and made you a playlist of some of our favorites, the reasoning being twofold:

Exhibit A: For those who are thousands of miles away, pining for a taste of Austin, or even just a few miles away and suffering from a crippling phobia of crowds and seapunks, consider this playlist a gift from us to you.

Exhibit B: If you are going to be down in Austin and just want to know who the hell is playing at Austin Party Weekend, this should give you a pretty good idea. (For an exact idea, scroll down. We’ve got the full-lineup and schedule flyer for your viewing pleasure.)

On it, we’ve added tracks from artists from all our APW showcases; Jai Wolf, Pictureplane, LolaWolf … you name it. It’s encompassing as shit.

So, use it to plan your life. Use it to serenade you as you apply Preparation H to any areas in need of it. Use it to daydream you’re with us in Austin, shoving 14 tacos in your face and holding hands and laughing in slow motion. Or, just use it to find out what IHC is all about.