April 9th, 2015


Because you need a soundtrack to your cacti-and-heatstroke-infused desert molly trip in Palm Springs for the next two weekends, we made you a Coachella-flavored playlist.

These songs right here are the songs that you need to know about you have aspirations of being worth your salt. They are the songs of our favorite Coachella artists, and they are good. Absorb them into your earholes, and let the warm feeling of being excited about seeing one more lesser-known band live hug you like your mother or possibly father, whichever one you bonded with more.

And even if you can’t be there to soak in the UV rays and bask in the chlorinated waters of an exclusive pool, this playlist should make you feel like you’re in the Coachella scene. Except instead of seeing AC/DC live on the big stage, you’re hearing them through the stereo of your Dad’s Geo Metro (hi, son!), and instead of waiting for 13 hours for coveted Port-O-Potty real estate inside a throng of floral headbands and desert biceps, you’re just relieving yourself and smoking weed from the comfort of your own little boy’s/girl’s room.

Anyway, listen to this on the drive to Palm Springs and get excited. Or listen to it on the drive home and get sad. Either way, you’re welcome!