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October 7th, 2015

liphemra did u cry single sad breakup song

Straight out of a primordial sonic fuzz comes an age-old, empathetic question that I end up asking myself after every fizzled semi-relationship: Did you even cry?

I mean, I always did. And this new Liphemra track sounds like a thousand crying mes. Plural mes.

The LA-based songstress just announced an EP slated for release in March of next year, and with it came the release of their first official single, “did u cry.” Mixing noise pop elements with some alt rock tones, Liphemra’s single sounds soothingly distinct. If Grimes met Alanis Morissette and they collaborated on a bitter break-up song … it would be this track.

Maybe bitter isn’t the right word here, though. While “did u cry” begins with a crunchy riff that sounds like it fits best on a song from the early ’90s, the song’s edge tapers once singer/percussionist Liv Marsico begins asking her titular question (that’s also a pun since there’s tits on the album art, wowee.) Then you feel nostalgic – and then you get a little sad. Fuck you, ex. DO YOU EVEN CRY, BRO?

I know I did! This occasion calls for a special vintage of Wellbutrin. Expired and collecting dust in your mom’s overpopulated medicine cabinet, no doubt, but that only intensifies the flavor.

But the charm of Liphemra’s overall sound picks me back up – it’s a nice break-up song. And besides, our exes shouldn’t flatter themselves. I cried last weekend because I didn’t have any time to nap. Haven’t you ever wept because there’s a pizza place open at 5 am the mixture of human resilience and deliciousness it takes to pull a stunt like that off makes your face juicy? It’s all good.

Liphemra’s debut EP won’t be out for another couple months, but stay tuned to their Soundcloud for upcoming singles and such. And don’t let the waterworks loose, y’all.