fbpx Listen to Bouquet's new track 'Stacks On Stacks' and shake with excitement about their upcoming debut EP – IHEARTCOMIX
February 3rd, 2015


Kaleidoscopic pop pair Bouquet has been on our radar since 2013 ever since they went on an opening band spree, kicking shows off for the likes of Ariel Pink, EMA, Bonnie ‘Prince Billy’ and Nite Jewel, but they never had an EP we could get our hands on … until now.

(Cue triumphant child-choir).

It’s called In a Dream, and it’s the band’s debut 5-song EP. On it, dreamy guitar and synthesizer combine as Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs’ haunting, ether-filled tremble above Max Foreman’s precise baritone. If you’re in the business of comparison, you can match In a Dream up to Young Marble Giants, This Mortal Coil, and Cluster.

Thankfully, we don’t have to wait long; the EP will be released March 10 on Ulrike / Folktale Records.  Half of the 10″ records pressed will be on black vinyl and the other half on white vinyl, presumably so you can sandwich them like an Oreo or publicly state your preference for either yin or yang.  The record was mixed by producer Cole Marsden Greif-Neill who made Julia Holter, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, and Beck sound lovely on their respective projects.

But since March 10th is a fly’s lifespan away, Bouquet released a single called “Stacks on Stacks” as sonic foreplay for the upcoming EP. The track is downright Beach House-y on Devotion, with the kind of toy organ/lullaby guitar combination that makes you either want to make out with your ex or drink bourbon on a bearskin rug or preferably both at once. There’s a dark, intense synth in the background and the occasional creepy Vocoder vocal harmony though, so think more Beach House before a tsunami.

Listen to it below, or stream it on Soundcloud if you’re into that.