fbpx Listen to the full new EP from Girl Unit's pulse-pounding side project, Hysterics – IHEARTCOMIX
February 5th, 2015


Girl Unit is playing our Valentine’s Day party at The Lash pop-up on the 14th, so it only seems fair that we supply you with the latest and greatest from the man himself. That, of course, would be the brand new self-titled EP from his side project, Hysterics. You’re welcome!

Three of the tracks off the EP are aimed straight at the dance floor, but the last, ‘Empty,’ was designed to help you wind down after a night of club insanity. The whole EP seems to explore the more apocalyptic realms of contemporary club music, opening with the hazy mutated rhythms of ‘Club Life’ and then arriving at ultra-industrial-agro ‘HTRX’ before becoming the soundtrack to your comedown on ‘Empty.’ The whole thing is urgent, relentless, and absolutely something you should be grinding your unsuspecting Tinder date to at our party.

We could only manage to rip two of the songs off the internets for your listening pleasure, but you can go here to listen to the full EP via Bleep, or buy it on iTunes like a boss.