Listen to HANA’s new track “Clay” and you’ll see why Grimes is obsessed with her

May 14th, 2015

Listen to HANA’s new track “Clay” and you’ll see why Grimes is obsessed with her


When Grimes isn’t slaughtering at the MET gala, or dropping tracks that stun us into catatonia, she moonlights as hype man for her friends … kind of like P.Diddy, except not annoying and she actually makes music.

Her latest find is HANA, her now protégé and alleged BFFFF. Currently, the world knows little of this HANA person; her internet trail is short and hardly lends itself to to journalistic sleuthing, so she remains as enigmatic as the edge of space or the purpose of take n’ bake pizza. However, there are two things we know about her so far.

First, she has the nerdy tendencies of Grimes (I can’t blame her though, that Sims soundtrack goes OFF).


Second, her debut single “Clay” is really a work of art.

It’s produced by Blood Diamonds, who collaborated with Grimes on her hit trappy single from last summer that I’m still not over. But you won’t find any drops on “Clay,”  just really melodic indie pop and vibrant vocals with the purity of a thousand virginal choir boys. “Clay” is super feel-good, like a coming-of-age animated Pixar film with singing monsters, Randy Newman, and everything else that comes with that weird fever dream. The lyrics are actually really depressing, but they’re a poignant contrast to the harmonies and smiley production.

Along with promoting HANA’s single, Grimes revealed on Twitter that HANA will also be singing back-up with her on her tour dates with Lana del Rey (because, oh yeah, that’s a thing that’s happening). For now, stay tuned to HANA’s Soundcloud for more ethereal pop.