Listen to JSTJR’s Exclusive ClubIHC Mixtape Now

August 17th, 2015

Listen to JSTJR’s Exclusive ClubIHC Mixtape Now

jstjr exclusive clubihc mixtape

If you’re a fan of trap and zouk bass, and also an adamant hater of vowels, you’re about to be very satisfied with your life because tropical bass baby genius JSTJR just made a special present for you (and between 300-10,000 other people … but let’s focus on you for now).

It’s a one-of-a-kind, highly exclusive mixtape that exists nowhere else but on IHC, and we want you to have it. On it, you’ll find a smattering of unreleased tunes from his upcoming EP as well as near-30 minute introduction to his unique mixing style. Known for always keeping it fresh, you can hear how he covers a vast range of genres and BPMs, yet manages to blend them all together effortlessly. Hold it near, give it to your children, and their children’s children. Keep in a hermetically sealed glass case and dust it every Sunday. Know it. Caress it. Love it.

The mixtape comes on the eve of his upcoming ClubIHC show with Ape Drums, 2Deep and Goj!ra on Thursday, August 20th at Los Globos (TICKETS HERE). If you haven’t heard JSTJR before, it’ll end that crisis for you real fast, and if you have, it’ll give you a pretty accurate taste of the madness that’s about to ensue during his ClubIHC set.

Give it a listen, feel your red-blooded American adrenal gland pumping out adrenaline and get excited because JSTJR’s ClubIHC appearance is going to be amazing.