fbpx Listen to Stooki Sound's Remake of Their Song "Talkin' About" ("Shut Up VIP") – IHEARTCOMIX
August 13th, 2015

There’s nothing like a sweet, sweet VIP mix of a song that already hits hard in the mothaf*ckin’ paint. It’s an enhancement I didn’t even know I needed, like apple pie a la mode or purple-dyed ketchup.

So if y’all haven’t heard Stooki Sound‘s “Talkin’ About,” which is a re-imagining of their previous song “Shut Up,”  then allow me. ‘Cause it’s sick as f*ck.

Last week, the well-loved UK trap duo (Jelacee and DJ Lukey) took their popular single “Shut Up” and morphed it into a no-holds-barred, grimey piece of music that’ll have you reaching for the nearest detachable shower head. The original snares are seemingly missing in the song’s subtle-but0massive drop, but the beat still crackles and pops, sounding like someone aggressively plucking at a mandolin. It’s a unique take on the traditional tricks of trap music, and the pay-off is just as loud and satisfying.

They also penned touching op-ed to their fans about the grime-forward direction they taking, which include such tear-worthy words as these:

“Right now its a crazy time for music. You have every opportunity as an artist to get your music heard by people, yet its the hardest time to catch a break from the right industry people. Its sad, so much talent is being lost, and creativity is being stomped out. Someone needs to stop and say “this isn’t how it should be” The kids are wanting something different, we played a ton of UK Grime on our last tour, and they went off! Not something you’d usually expect out of the states, but it makes so excited for this next tour.

We started the Stooki Movement to inspire people to think outside the box and create from their hearts.  Right now theres a group of these 18-22 producers taking over Soundcloud but no ones taking them as seriously as they should. No ones giving them that helping hand that could launch them forward. It’s time for us to step up, and keep the creative movement going. Or we can stay on the internet and complain that the industry is f’d.”


So much that, guess what? Stooki will be returning to ClubIHC in September for another night of debauchery and fun. The last time the boys came down to party was one of our more memorable nights to date, so turn this tune up and get yourself pumped. It’ll be insane.

More info for that show is here. Don’t sleep on this, and if you, you took too much Lunesta again.