fbpx IHEARTCOMIX - Them Are Us Too make dream pop to fill your cynical <3 with hope again
February 19th, 2015


And so it begins: With striking new single ‘Us Now,’ pronoun-happy dreampop duo Them Are Us Too have announced themselves as “buzzyworthy,” “up-and-coming” and “ones to watch.” Normally we might fret that such a heady anointment off the strength of one single might be premature, even detrimental to a couple of 21-year-olds– but the cavernous, anthemic ‘Us Now’ is so self-assured that we’re confident they can handle the hype. Just below the reverb of Cash Askew’s guitar, Kennedy Ashlyn’s voice is honeyed yet piercing, at times, soaring, and…wait, “Cash Askew” and “Kennedy Ashlyn”?

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…Other write-ups tell me that T.A.U.T. evince a heavy Cocteau Twins influence (and lo! it appears there is a Cocteau Twins cover floating around Youtube), but since I’ve never had the pleasure, I’ll admit that my first comparisons were M83 and Field Mouse. Regardless, it’s a sound perfect for new beginnings and thawing out your icy heart after a grueling winter (of your discontent). How fitting, then, that T.A.U.T. will drop their debut full-length, Remain, on March 24– just a few days after the start of spring. Get hopeful yet also kind of melancholy with ‘Us Now,’ as well as a remix of golden oldie Marilyn and a live rendition of 694, below: