fbpx Little Dragon and Adult Swim drop insane ChopNotSlop remix of 'Nabuma Purple Rubberband' – IHEARTCOMIX
January 30th, 2015


Little Dragon‘s very-acclaimed new album ‘Nubuma Purple Rubberband‘ was already pushing the boundaries of greatness before The Chopstars came along and gave it a thorough ChopNotSlop treatment, but now that they’ve dressed it up with some Houston chopped n’ screwed soul, it’s heavier, more sumptuous and not not on repeat in our office right now.

Adult Swim collaborated with Little Dragon to produce the album, which was remixed by OG Ron C and DJ Candlestick.

Some context: the original ‘Nabuma Purple Rubberband’ was inspired by the more experimental pockets of Prince’s back catalogue, club culture and the vintage Janet Jackson slow jams singer-lady Yukimi used to listen to wandering around Gothenburg during the unrelenting winter.

“That feeling really influenced me and maybe that’s why there are quite a lot of slow jams on the record,” she said. “In the past we’ve been a bit self-conscious about making slow jams after ‘Twice’. Then we wanted to make dance music which we did with Machine Dreams and then Ritual Union still had a dance vibe, but with this album it wasn’t about that.”

Listening to the album feels like you’re floating, but the Chopstars version only intensifies that. The whole thing is steeped in muted echo and a warm shivering ambiance, giving it a trance-like, sensual personality. Some feels it makes us feel: haunted, weirdly aroused, slow motion, syrupy.

Is it weird if we say we kind of wish our ears were sexually active so this album could penetrate them deeper? Don’t say yes, don’t make it awkward.

Unfortunately, Adult Swim has made it impossible to steal the songs off their site (we’ll get you next time), so head over to their site to stream and download the album.

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