April 1st, 2015


Darling Diplo is about to bless the world with another spawn from his loins of endless viral creativity: a Major Lazer TV show that’ll probably melt your face off.

Billboard has just announced the release date of the cartoon, slated to air midnight on April 16th on FXX – the Fox step-child which has blessed the world with Always Sunny.

It’s unclear what the plot will be (ostensibly, the bass will “drop” at some point), but there are several things guaranteed: lasers, weed, dreadlocks, a critical examination of where Rastafarianism and vigilantism meet, wobbly bass, the phrase “bun dem,” and Ezra Keonig’s veganism.

And, in true Diplo fashion, he and co-producer Jillionaire have brought some mucho high profile friends along to star-stud the series, which Billboard has described as “like being high.” Oscar winner J.K. Simmons, Andy Samberg, Charli XCX, Riff Raff, Ezra Koenig, and Aziz Ansari will all factor in there somewhere, and the protagonist, mythic rasta commando Major Lazer, will be voiced by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, a man whose velvety bass you’ll recognize as Mr. Eko from Lost.

The art direction is being handled by Ferry Gouw, who has done all the iconic ML album art, and with a network like FXX and a late-night time slot, the content is sure to be NSFW – that is, if your workplace doesn’t tolerate 2D twerking.

The show’s intro has been out for a while, but FXX just released a fairly extensive behind-the-scenes:

Check out some of the visuals that have been showing up on the internet, and stay tuned for more leaks as the premiere approaches.