June 27th, 2013

A southern boy at heart Kentucky’s Caleb Cornett, aka AMTRAC, grew up influenced by bluegrass and psychedelic rock long before he discovered Daft Punk and Giorgio Moroder. “My dad was really into bands like Pink Floyd, Yes, and Tangerine Dream,” says Cornett. Part of the MTV generation, his introduction to house music came from watching MTV’s Subterranean Friday nights and now a decade later he is one of the formost house DJs in the world. His remixes transform and elevate tracks to new heights and his synthesis of deep house, garage, and disco create a poolside vibe perfect for the Summer.

PR Kit for Amtrac

AMTRAC’s The Scheme EP dropped earlier this year featuring four tracks of incredible house laced pop samples that will make this week’s pool party at IHC Sundays the perfect place to rave. Favorites include Preacher and So High but the entire album is a 20 minute dance-athon that is free for download below.

Now that Summer is officially here, IHC Sundays is going to be turning up the heat on the talent but cooling you down in the pool. RSVP for free entry before 11PM and bring your swimmies for our Summer kick off party and pool opening!