September 3rd, 2015

M.I.A. And Skrillex Are Cooking Up Something Spicy

Everybody, stop what you’re doing and listen very carefully: your favorite Sri Lankan, Mathangi Arulpragasam, is apparently recording with Sonny Moore.

Oh, sorry.  Allow me to translate that to millenialingo for all the young’n dem: M.I.A. AND SKRILLEX ARE IN THE STUDIO TOGETHER.

Okay, you can celebrate now.

M.I.A. And Skrillex Are Cooking Up Something Spicy


The singer/rapper of “Paper Planes” fame recently uploaded a picture to her Instagram depicting the nicest DJ in the game toiling away over his Macbook.  View said photo below, please.

Her caption reads, simply, “??? ? on MATAHDATAH”.  For those of you out there that don’t speak emoji, her message translates literally to “Skrillex = fire on my new album.”

This can mean only one thing: Skrillex will take part in producing some (or hopefully, all) of Maya’s forthcoming album, Matahdatah.  Working with the Bass God could be just what M.I.A. needs, seeing as how his brand of brutal bass drops would blend oh-so nicely with her politically charged, often violent imagery.

No word yet on when Matahdatah, or any of its singles are set to drop, but you can bet IHEARTCOMIX will have you covered when they do, so keep it locked.  Until then, check out a short sneak peek of one of the album’s forthcoming songs, “Matahdatah Scroll 01 Broader Than A Border,” via Apple Music.