December 15th, 2014


The 20 year old French phenom, Madeon, released his new sensational single You’re On featuring Kyan that debuted last week on BBC’s Radio 1. Today he delivers the vibrant visuals for his new music video as well as the new electric remix from Alex Metric. The music video provides a peek into a futuristic city set amidst a desolate desert, washed out with towering glass buildings and skywalks. We follow the journey of young girl with a unique appreciation for her surroundings and an artistic eye that leads her to discover an unusual occurance on a distant building. Unable to shake the unnerving event, she ventures out to the club and locks eyes with her man of mystery as Madeon can be caught in a brief cameo behind the decks. Her new crush takes to the streets and she follows unable to contain her curiosity. She finally finds him awaiting in front of the ominous symbol and discovers it’s hidden power. Luckily we’ll be able to revisit this fascinating futuristic world as To Be Continued… scrolls concluding this chapter. Madeon has announced he’ll be releasing a new album next year entitled Adventure which will include You’re On and Imperium so stay tuned for dates. Watch the new video below and be sure to pick up tickets to see him at OMFG! NYE 2015 on December 30th at Shrine Expo Hall!