fbpx Mapei Presents: "Don't Wait" Music Video
April 8th, 2014

Stockholm-based singer/rapper, Mapei’s new video for Don’t Wait is truly a sweet and sincere representation of post-genre pop for the 2010’s. Not sappy, not cheesy. Real connection in the era of “social” media (and she even stole a line from a cousin’s tweet in this song).img-holdingmapei_141455254874

Opening with her and her fly BF/BFF hand-in-hand walking along a barren and boring Midwestern landscape of twangy guitar and a crackling turntable. It visually portrays her words: “if it wasn’t for you, I’d be alone.” When the more next-level Fade To Mind style beats kick in, highlighted in Kingdom’s remix, it creates the perfect foundation for her voice, reminiscient of Solange or Alicia Keys, with it’s satisfying combination of strength and controlled creating a raspy fragility. Together they explore the wildness and brightness in a near sepia-tone, deserted world. Watch these lovebirds in the video and pick up the single below!

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