August 30th, 2012

From Trillville vs. The Knife to Britney Spears vs. Felix Da Housecat, Chicago Mashup Duo, The Hood Internet, consists of DJs Aaron Brink and Steve Reidell. Mashing Hip-Hop and R&B with Indie Rock and Alternative cohesively, these emerging underground mashers easily blur lines between genres and decades uniting the hipsters and ballers together with ill tracks. Since March 2007, The Hood Internet have been pumping tunes into soundcloud with over 400 mashup bangers and six mixtapes to prove it along with tag team projects featuring Waka Flaka Flame, FELT, and TOBACCO. These crafty masters will have all genres of life poppin n lockin.

Their new Album “FEAT” out October 2nd, drops on Deacon Records, featuring a slew of artists from Class Actress to Kid Static to The Chain Gang of 1974 to Psalm One all accompanying original Hood Internet sample-free productions. “Wont Fuck Us Over” featuring BBU and Annie Hart is the first single hot off the upcoming album.

Oh! Did I forget to mention the video? This fun adventure steers clear of the typical hip-hop cliche, you know the one with the shot callers and the hot booty girls pouring Cristal Champagne all over each other, wrestling on a bear skin rug down by the fire and all of a sudden their on a boat docked next to a beach throwin stacks of Benjamins at peeps in slow motion? Well this video involves real people hanging out in an abandoned warehouse with snacks having a good time among friends. I like the part when the gentlemen proposes to his lady, what a brilliant idea instead of a ring! And be weary when using a toothbrush, they can do serious damage if used improperly, just watch.

Be sure and catch The Hood Internet on October 7th at Los Globos!!! Buy tickets HERE.