fbpx Mend Her: An Introduction to MNDR – IHEARTCOMIX
August 17th, 2012

It’s been just a few years since the inception of Amanda Warner’s, MNDR project. Our first introduction to her dazzling audio/visual performance was at CYP2 last year, and since then Warner has toured with Duran Duran, collaborated with Mark Ronson, and just recently released her debut LP on Ultra records. Warner remains dedicated to her analog obsession, one of the fundamental characteristics of MNDR’s sound. While meticulous sound design calls for long studio sessions tweaking knobs and dialing in tones, Warner embraces the intimacy of the studio as a haven for creation. The result is a crisp, technical work that shimmers with pop tonalities but with an openness to experimentation.

MNDR will be performing at Los Globos on August 17th. Joining her will be Nicky Da B, Blok, and Paul Devro. Her brand new album, Feed Me Diamonds, came out on Ultra this week, so come dance and celebrate with us!!!

Tickets are available HERE.