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August 2nd, 2012

Set Painting for Missouri Waltz

These photos were taken of a set I painted in 2007 for the play “Missouri Waltz” at the Blank Theater Company in Hollywood.
Written by Karen BlackDirected by Angela Garcia Combs

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So, can you tell what was hand painted?  Some things are obvious but others aren’t…(from left to right: Weston Blakesley, Dana Peterson, Whitney Laux, Karen Black and Eric Pierpoint)

I think my favorite part is the wood floor.  It’s actually a plywood stage that had been painted over numerous times for each play but I made it look like hardwood floors.

All the walls were hand painted to look like aged wallpaper.  The window view (mural) and wood wainscot were also hand painted but my favorite piece on the set was the vintage wallpaper.  Here’s a photo of Karen Black leaning against the wall below.  (It was also one of my favorite scene’s in the play.)

(from left to right: Dana Peterson, Whitney Laux and Karen Black)

I really enjoyed this project.  I painted during rehearsals which gave me the opportunity to see the process between the actors and directors.  Angela (the director) was amazing, I really had no idea how important a good director is.  Karen Black is a wonderful actress and you especially see her talent in the scene where she slowly walks down the stairs while reminiscing of her young love.  You could actually see her transform into the young girl the character once was.  I thoroughly enjoyed the play, wish I had it on DVD.. would love to see it again!

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