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September 4th, 2012

Emily Wells

Emily Wells is a talented performer who plays an array of different instruments. She’s a classically trained violinist who also plays drums, keyboard, beat machines, and whatever else she can get her hands on. I’ve personally been a huge fan of hers for a while and with the Dark Dark Dark / Emily Wells show coming up on November 5th, I thought I might share some of my favorites. Maybe some of you will find yours before the big night!

It was her mystical voice and her cover of Juicy by Biggie that initially hooked me in, but one of my favorite aspects of Emily Wells’ music is her live sampling. Look below to check out the official video for Passenger and her live performance at KRCL studios in Salt Lake City, UT! Hope to see you guys at the show, enjoy!!

Emily Wells will be playing with Dark Dark Dark on November 5 @The Echoplex (buy tickets HERE!)