February 18th, 2013


Having released two full-length albums just last year, Teen Daze has been luring listeners into his sonic wonderland, shrouding their auditory scape in an electronic haze while climbing the ranks of todays current electronic music scene. His latest record, The Inner Mansions has been called an album of spiritual and musical journey, and features some of Teen Daze’s most captivating songs.”

On his website, Teen Daze explains the story behind his latest LP, The Inner Mansions, and the search to create computer music with soul. After getting some heat from critics for “All Of Us, Together” (released summer 2012) Teen Daze wanted to prove not only to critics but to himself as an artist that there can be felt emotions and a sense of spirituality within the confines of computer music. Not everything digital has to be lumped into a mindless electronic sub-genre and records like The Inner Mansions makes quite the convincing argument. Take a listen for yourself.