April 22nd, 2013

There is no mistaking producer and expert beatsmith, Araabmuzik is beyond talented behind the MPC. Every performance is a lightning quick flurry of live chops and precisely cued samples that go on to create a hyped out audio battleground with his audience clamoring to get to the frontline. While his performance chops are unsurpassed, his role as a producer is commonly overlooked, despite the creation of his beats and sounds being just as important (if not more so). At an early age, Araabmuzik began creating beats on cassette tapes and sampling techno records before graduating to computer based productions. While the medium may have changed, the spirit remained the same; with production slowly turning into an obsession. His make-a-beat-out-of-anything mentality alludes to a greater goal, a desire to produce outside his realm and be known for more than just MPC wizardry. While I patiently look forward to his evolution, I have no problem staying mesmerized in the meantime.


Araabmuzik will be performing tomorrow night at CYP2. Joining him will be NastyNasty, Clicks & Whistles, and Djemba Djemba. In the meantime, check out this mini documentary on Araabmuzik that features a pretty cool studio light installation.

Tickets are available HERE.

P.S. Here is another cool and slightly quirky light installation connected to Araabmuzik’s MPC.