fbpx Natasha Kmeto does a bona fide sultry cover of NIN's "The Only Time" – IHEARTCOMIX
January 22nd, 2015


By honor of self-admission, Portland-based singer and electronic producer Natasha Kmeto “Tends to lust very hard.” And with her sensuous tremor of a voice and a penetrating, industrially dark dance floor sensibilities, so makes no effort to hide the throb of her desire. That’s a.) why we love her and, b.)  probably why she’s one of the only artists we know who could make Nine Inch Nail’s song “The Only Time” sexier than it already is.

We mean, have you heard that song? It goes something like, “While the devil fucks me in the back of his car, blah blah blah.” Not many people could top that, but Natasha manages to climb all over it on this cover.

“The lyric on “The Only Time” captures the helplessness and desperation inside a lust like that so perfectly,” she said. “Trent Reznor always hits the nail on the head when it comes to dark, raw sexual expression and I wanted to pay homage by covering one of my favorite NIN tracks.”

You pay homage, Natasha. You pay homage so good.

You can download the track over at FACT or play it to someone you would pay child support to one day over right here on Soundcloud.

Fresh off a tour with TV on the Radio, Natasha Kmeto will be releasing a new album in 2015 on  Federal Prism, which we’ll keep you updated on. She’s playing a few shows in Portland over the next couple of months too, if you happen to be blessed with a 503 area code.