Neon Indian & Friends Give Stunning Tribute to Prince with “Pop Life” Cover

Posted by Matt Mueller 4 months ago in Music

Pop Life Neon Indian

The death of Prince came as an unexpected twist in the realm of celebrity news, and there have been no shortage of  artists paying tribute to the music icon.

Today, Neon Indian takes the virtual stage in honor of Prince, covering his explosive single “Pop Life,” from his 1985 album Around the World in a Day, putting their own signature funky-synth spin on the classic.

Though it might be a Neon Indian production, this writer still needs to give credit where credit’s due and give a shout out to the half-dozen other artists who came together to make something really special. Backing up Neon Indian are Kristin Kontrol, Ejecta, Holy Ghost!, Xenia Rubinos, Midnight Magic, Hannah Cohen, and Escort frontwoman Adeline, each of them an equally-tasty part of this musical pie.

The video was produced and co-directed by Neon Indian’s own Alan Palomo and Jim Larson.

Peep it here.



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