fbpx Junglepussy Drops New Track "You Don't Know" – IHEARTCOMIX
June 4th, 2015


A bold statement: Junglepussy is the hardest person in the world.

Now, you say: “Scott, there’s no scientific way to prove that. That’s an inflammatory statement without any grounding.” Then I play you this song. Then your adrenal glands blow out of your body. This song is agro and hard and awesome and to be completely honest, I’m 100 percent sure Junglepussy would bite my trachea off. Not a bad way to go, because I’m pretty sure she’d rub up against me in the process. I’m in love.

If you’re unfamiliar with Junglepussy, you’re probably throwing some snide-ass shade about “why’d she choose that name?┬áThat’ll certainly keep her from mainstream radio success.” Well, she’s already busted your bubble: “Dick Clark, Dick Cheney, Dick van Dyke.” Get outta here patriarchy, go eat a butt.

Junglepussy released “You Don’t Know” to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the release of her debut album Satisfaction Guaranteed. Big trap horn hits and spacious drums on the Shy Guy-produced track intensify the sympathetic nervous system response the song elicits in your dad bod, blaring defiantly under an anthemic hook: “You don’t know nothin’ bout what I do!!!”

… Which I can guarantee I’m going to yell out the window of my car at the first pedestrian I see as soon as I leave the office.

Listen to the track below, and try to limit your bodily gyrations to a safe limit.