fbpx New Episode of Action Bronson's "Fuck That's Deliscious" Premieres on Vice!
June 17th, 2014

While Action Bronson has gained millions of fans around the world for his raps, rowdy live shows, and epic beard, he may have worked his way into the unsuspecting hearts of another demographic, the foodies, with his new series Fuck, That’s Deliscious out via Vice. As a former chef himself, Bronson shares a unique perspective when breaking down deliscious dishes. His extensive knowledge about cooking, combined with his unique sense of humor make for 23 minutes of edible entertainment.

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Episode 2, Rap Shows and BBQ with Action Bronson: Fuck, That’s Delicious finds Action Bronson in the kitched of his L.A. recording studio, whipping up some guacomole and red meat as he reminisces his cousin post-bail Miami trip, consuming several portions of jerk chicken. Next stop, Action met up with cohort RiFF RAFF for a show in Tampa Bay, before taking the crowd on a three block run. On to Atlanta, where the BBQ is plentiful as we find Action taking dabs in the car before diving in on some sexy ribs. Cut to Chapel Hill, NC, where Action is tossing UNC students into the crowd at will which must have worked up an appetite for some southern chicken and biscuits. Philly finds Bambam downing fried lasagne hoagies and learning how a true philly cheese is done. In conclusion we join him hovering over the BBQ as he takes the meat off the grill to rest before slicing it thin revealing his masterful cooking skills. Watch Fuck, That’s Deliscious: Rap Shows and BBQ and pick up tickets below to see him live tomorrow night at Avalon Hollywood!


Episode 1 – The Best Milkshake Ever: Fuck, That’s Delicious