fbpx Vindata Drop New Music Video "All I Really Need" ft. Kenzie May!
October 15th, 2014


If you haven’t already heard of rising, LA-based electronic duo, Vindata, let this be your introduction. The recent Symbols label recruits who made serious waves earlier this year with their debut EP, “For One To Follow“, have more recently produced an onslaught of remix bangers and have begun to tour the country. The duo’s music exists somewhere in the realm where experimental electronic meets melodic, catchy beats and chorus lines, as seen in this collaboration with UK songstress, Kenzie May.  “All I Really Need”, quickly became a stand-out track on the FOTF EP; the song displays the immense potential and range in Vindata’s production chops.

Here is what the duo had to say about the video: “The video reflects the story and feeling of the music with simple but vibrant visuals,” Jared Poythress and Branden Ratcliff write in an email. “Kenzie May narrates the relationship between Mary, Charlie, Molly, herself and her love interest, as they stand in opposition to each other and as reflections of their narcotic binaries. Colors pulsate and moving images reveal their characters just below the surface, as the music explores these identities and the larger cultures they represent.” Watch the brand new music video for Vindata’s All I Really Need below.