July 31st, 2014

As a child, I fondly remember exploring the acerage of my 100 year old farm in search of rare artifacts, Native American relics, and of course buried treasure. While I found a plethera of old arrowheads and the occasional rusted over plow head, the allusive buried treasure escaped me. Nevertheless the urge to search was irresistable at that age. As I grew older, the reasoning for my exploration changed, now more fascinated with the culture and sights than a hidden treasure chest. Perhaps, this was largely due to the disbelief of it’s exisistence or lack of resources to undertake such a gamble. Brothers David Zellner and Nathan Zellner, have brought light to this unique concept in their new film Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter.


A lonely Japanese woman becomes convinced that a satchel of money buried in a fictional film is, in fact, real. Abandoning her structured life in Tokyo for the frozen Minnesota wilderness, she embarks on an impulsive quest to search for her lost mythical fortune. The film stars Rinko Kikuchi, known for her roles in Pacific Rim and Babel, and will also feature a Q&A with the Zellner brothers as well as world renowned director Werner Herzog immediately following the screening. Watch the short featurette on the film and pick up tickets to the NEXT FEST screening below!