September 12th, 2012

When producing electronic pop, collaboration has always been a tried and true way of making catchy dance hits that draw a wide audience. ROOM8‘s Ezra Reich and Nic Johns, set to announce the release their debut album “Transduction”  any day now, understand the value of synergy in music. Their single, Visions of You (feat. Electric Youth), is a prime example of the ingenuity of this Los Angeles based duo. Collaborating with Electric Youth, now immortalised through their contribution to the “Drive” soundtrack, was a power move from ROOM8. They also secured the 80’s retro album design from art collective, The Zonders, a pivotal move in catapulting them into the company of like musicians Valerie, College, Electric Youth, Anoraak, and Van She. Have a listen below.

Another significant contribution to, Transduction, is the sexy saxophone of Ian Young from M83. The unmistakable sax solos give the track, Neon and Dice; a soulful, but silky sub-layer. This track is a happy marriage of old and new and I look forward to more fusion from ROOM8.

Founded in January of this year, ROOM8 has taken all the right steps to make the release of “Transduction” a success. The album also includes collaborations from Martha Davis, leader of classic New Wave icons, The Motels, as well as guitar work from arranger Giorgio Moroder, and guitar player and famed producer, Richie Zito. Teaming up with notable filmmaker, Ellen Frances, ROOM8’s video release of, Right Way, originally premiered on VICE on September 9, 2012.

Watch the video and remember to come out for DIM MAK and IHEARTCOMIX Presents: VAN SHE // DWNTWN // ROOM8 @ DIM MAK studios October 17.

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