May 5th, 2014

While Cinco De Mayo traditionally celebrates Mexican heritage and pride every May 5th to commemorate their victory at the Battle of Puebla, American’s have created their own set of extreme holiday traditions as with any sacred holiday. Widely celebrated in the U.S., but especially here in Southern California, it’s safe to say we typically focus on the fun aspects of each holiday and exagerate them to a ridiculous degree. It may not be the most reverent of holiday activities but here are five tips to make your Cinco De Mayo unforgettable… or a complete blackout.


1. Drink lots of Cerveza! (Preferably with a donkey)

On this day of freedom no one shall judge you based on the shitty mexican beer of your choice. Feel free to enjoy on Tecate, Modello, Pacifico, or if you’re classy Corona. Just know that when it comes to drinking mexican cerveza, enjoy it with friends or a drinking donkey and you’l be sure to be the life of the party!

2. Mexican Pizza!

If you’re a traditionalist and enjoy you’re number 8 combo of one beef and one cheese enchilada with rice and beans dive in. However, if you’re searching for a new spin on your Cinco de Mayo meal, mix it up with an over the top mexican pizza. Because let’s be honest pizza is running the game right now. Need I say more?!


3. Chihuahua Races!

Nothing beats a little friendly competition on Cinco De Mayo and what better way to win a few extra bucks than placing a bet on sure ringer at the Chihuahua Races! Gamblers beware, the tip you got before the race may have been bullshit leaving you with empty pockets but a full heart watching these cute Chihuahua’s race for gold!

4. Piñata Play!

For the thrill seekers a little Piñata play will liven up any Cinco De Mayo party! The exhileration felt when someone finally issues a blow to the paper mule is only matched by the adrenaline felt by the first unlucky victim within batting distance. Truly entertaining in super slow motion and looped continuously!

5. Dancing!

An enivitable side effect from drinking mucho cerveza often comes in the form of some spirited dancing. It’s important to know the delicate balance of being drunk enough to try you’re lame moves and being a total wrecking ball in a dance circle. Hey it’s Cinco De Mayo, FTW!