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We weren’t sure if we could do it, but we definitely outdid ourselves with our second #PARTYSTREAM! This time around, Ghastly hosted the night and brought his crew of DJ-ing ghouls along with him to help make this our best 4/20 yet. If you didn’t get a chance to tune in because you got way too high on that edible and forgot how to turn on your computer, don’t worry ‘cause we documented the night just for you.

Ghastly, Madeaux, Ducky, FAN FICTION, GOJ!RA, SWAGE, and our very special surprise guest Getter got the whole crowd dancing and head bobbing the entire night! And once again, we sweetened up the event with live gaming on Polycade machines with Mortal Kombat X.

We’re so happy that you guys have been enjoying the streams so far and are working super hard to make our Party Streams the best thing you can do without the hassle of having to put on pants!

Make sure to tune in to our next one on May 18th at We’ll have more surprise moments and will be giving away even more games to some lucky people interacting with us on Twitch, so definitely don’t miss out.

Thank you so much to our sponsors Jukely, Loot Crate, PHHHOTO, Noble E-Sports, Polycade, and Twitch. And huge shout out to House of Guvera for letting us throw a party at their house!

If you missed out, no worries we got you covered!


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See the full album here.

Photos by Anastasia Velicescu.



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