April 5th, 2016

WOW … our first #PARTYSTREAM live stream event on Twitch was insane, especially because we kicked it off with hip-hop/underground event producers, Ham On Everything. If you were there, you’d know exactly what I’m talking about, but if you weren’t, fine by me because I’ve got photographic and video evidence of the night for you below.

Your favorite Twitter-famous boy, Brandon Wardell, hosted this special event and even brought on Zack Pearlman to help him out (so Hollywood). Ham on Everything supplied the sonic entertainment with JSTJR, Dem Ham Boyz, Salva, Two Fresh, and 12th Planet, and more. Everyone honestly killed it with different genres blasting such as Jersey Club, G-House, and all sorts of dirty sounds. Did we mention that SALVA PLAYED AN ALL TECHNO SET!? And guess what? Even Carnage showed up to the function. The room was filled with everyone dancing, and at times moshing. People would go up to you being concerned for your well-being if you weren’t dancing … trust me, it happened.

Next to the live music room, we held a live gaming room which included Polycade machines and Mortal Kombat X. Gaming addicts naturally went wild over them.

We were very pleased with the outcome of our first Party Stream and we are so stoked to bring to you what we have coming next.

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Check out our PHHHOTO set and see all the action here.

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Photos by Jamie Rosenberg

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