January 15th, 2016

For most, today will be a disappointment, as throngs of misguided idealists crumple their Powerball tickets upon discovering that, yes, they’ll have to go to work tomorrow.

But for those who truly know what’s important, it’s the day London-born producer Danny L Harle dropped the first video from his debut EP Broken Flowers, released back in November under PC Music/Ultra Music. The titular track possesses repeating lyrics, mirroring the monotony of its protagonist’s office life before swiftly being complemented by charming rhythms and surreal flights of fancy.

PC Music has always excelled at breaking away from the homogenous crowd of dance music record labels. It possesses an eclectic roster of artists who record and perform under cyberculture-inspired personas, often collaborating with one another to create projects that so hyperbolically express stylized pop that you can’t tell if they’re real or not. These personas allow the label to greater focus on the music released, rather than the faces behind them.

The label is perhaps best interpreted not as a group of individual performers, but rather as living pieces of art, pieces and installations that design and create music.

Such rhetoric shines through in the Broken Flowers video, as the man of the hour himself, Danny L Harle, only shows up in the last few seconds of the video. The subject is instead a young woman who apparently spends her days, half-lidded, manning the copy machine. Time and again she waits for her boss to leave his office, the only time she dares to dream, only to be rudely awakened when he returns with a new stack of papers to rummage through. A contrast is made clear between her boss, an older man in a pressed suit who finds contentment in his professional life, and herself, a dreamer yearning for more color to splash into her drab life.

So upon returning home tonight, burdened by the thought of yet another day in the office as some other shmuck wins millions, think of the girl doing her best to make her work day bearable.

Be the girl.