Peaches Preaches Pussy Power In ‘Rub’ Music Video [NSFW]

December 8th, 2015

Peaches Preaches Pussy Power In ‘Rub’ Music Video [NSFW]

Let’s be honest though, when is Peaches not preaching pussy power? Her message only grows stronger and more outlandish in its presentation, as evidenced in her latest music video for ‘Rub’, the single off her album of the same title. Holy Vaginal Batman, I hope you’re not watching this at work or on the family iPad because you’re about to scandalize everyone in your immediate vicinity.

In your typical Merrill Nisker video, she’s generally the most extreme and ratchet looking, but for ‘Rub’ she assembled a stone cold pack of weirdos to play alongside her. The lyric ‘Can’t talk right now, this chick’s dick is in my mouth’ prompts a strong mental visual when you hear it, then only seconds later Peaches is actually catching a lady’s dick straight to the face because this is the kind of music video where things like that can happen.

This video is definitely NOT safe for work, unless you work at a nudist resort. Enjoy!

Peaches – Rub (Uncensored) from Peaches on Vimeo.