August 1st, 2016

In June, we threw our first 90’s Rave. We decided to bring it back for Round 2, and once again, we made sure to bring your favorite candy (Ring Pops included). If you slept on this one, here’s the full rundown.


SHA SHA KIMBO started off the night with a perfect blend of a variety of genres. Hitting us with the old skool and the nu-skool, SHA SHA KIMBO had us grooving before KJ$ (Kreayshawn) hopped on the 1s and 2s.

Adam Weiss (HAMONEVERYTHING) joined the party and hopped on deck with KJ$ for a quick little b2b/MC session. At one point during Adam’s set, I think he coined the term “emo-rave?” I can’t remember. Either way, he played a few mash-ups of some original rave bangers mixed with your favorite timeless emo tunes. Not gonna lie, I was kind of into it.

After playing the local festival, our surprise guest Salva dropped by the party to play a killer techno/house set. Up next was Thee Mike B, and he played a hybrid jungle set. My mind was literally blown. I need more jungle/hardcore in my life.

Our last set was from the IHC head honcho himself, Franki Chan. At one point Franki played the Trainspotting intro theme, and it had me feeling some type of way. All in all, the night was a great success and we had a blast. See you at the next one!

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Photos by: Sean O’Connor // @oconnor.sean

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