September 12th, 2016

It’s Monday and we’re still reminiscing on the spectacular time we had Saturday night; it was too much fun partying with you all. In case you slept on this one, we had an entire night full of hip hop and we’re here to fill you in with a little recap.



We couldn’t have said it better. Nala started off the night, welcoming the crowd into the cozy confines of the space. As she finished up her set, Jeremy Burke joined in on the fun by bringing us some fresh selects. Shortly after Jeremy, the meme-master himself, Brandon Wardell came through to play the crowd one of the most fire Spotify playlists of 2016; full of your very favorite early 2000 hits.

Halfway through the evening, the boys from Two Fresh and some good friends arrived. Two Fresh played some killer tracks before the CDJs turned into an all out free-for-all b2b session. We had Howmanyollies, Promnite, and Nala playing tunes back to back to back. Everyone was taking turns playing some absolute bangers; it was nuts. Aztlan Quetzal even stopped by and had the crowd vibing to some hip hop and moombahton. Before we knew it, the clock had struck 5:30 AM and it was time for everyone to go home. We had a blast, and as always, see you at the next one!

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Photos by: Sean O’Connor // @oconnor.sean

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