Photos: IHEARTCOMIX SUPERSHOW at Festival Supreme!

November 1st, 2016

Photos: IHEARTCOMIX SUPERSHOW at Festival Supreme!

This past weekend we did one of the crazier things I think we’ve ever done: create a 2hr stage show from scratch and perform it in front of an unsuspecting audience at this year’s Festival Supreme. It was called the IHEARTCOMIX SUPERSHOW (check out the mention in Billboard). Yeah, somehow we thought that would be a good idea and thankfully it turned out to be a pretty good time.

We got the offer. We accepted. Jesus Rivera (aka Demonbabies) and myself (Franki Chan) took on the challenge and conceptualized and wrote the whole thing. Jesus took on the majority of the video portion, writing and directed several original shorts pushing the narrative along. I took that story, involved our IHC 1NFINITY artists Gavin Turek, Mark Redito and Chela as well as our close buddies VenessaMichaels, Banoffee and Lil Tasty and constructed a music and choreographed live show and we tied it all together. The best part? The whole thing starred our characters Lil Lucifer, Death Metal Santa, Anarchy Bunny and McCreeper (who you will be seeing a lot of moving forward). Our buddy Ethan Moya (the kid from Roadies) starred in the video as well.

It was wild, crazy, a fucking party and well, weird. Really weird. Check out the photo set HERE.