fbpx Pictureplane Drops Gritty Memphis Rap Mixtape – IHEARTCOMIX
November 9th, 2015


The only cure for binge-listening Pictureplane‘s music (his new album Technomancer came out last week) is… uh… more Pictureplane,¬†DUH. But this time, he’s not serenading you with his own signature blend of gothy synth pop … he’s making your gluteus maximi clap with this Memphis rap mix he premiered on FADER.

On the heels of his latest release comes a new mix from the NY producer. It’s a little south from the gothy tendencies of¬†Technomancer, a mixtape of mostly old-school ’90s Memphis rap songs that Pictureplane has collected throughout the years on cassette tapes. As such, the mix has a raw, grainy feel to it, and a subtle brutality that I think juxtaposes well with the dark ooze of Technomancer.

“I imagine people hanging around with their friends and smoking weed to this music,” he told FADER re: his masterpiece. I mean, I’d chill out and smoke a bowl in a graveyard to both releases. (Anyone want to join? I’m sending the FB invite tomorrow).

The mix comes along with a brief interview that’s worth looking into. Remember to check out Technomancer too, if you haven’t yet. ‘Cause it’s good and I want you to have nice things.

And as always, make it a point to scour Pictureplane‘s Soundcloud¬† :)