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Listen to Pictureplane’s Industrial-Influenced Song “Technomancer

September 4th, 2015

Listen to Pictureplane’s Industrial-Influenced Song “Technomancer

Beloved artist-slash-producer and 1NFINITY alum Pictureplane has a new single out called “Techromancer” and as far as we’re concerned, that’s the only thing that matters in this cold, dead world.

Oh wait, except for his album announcement. Our boy PP will be releasing a full-length album (his first in four years) in October on Anticon.

“Technomancer” is the title track, so AAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY, cue the flailing.

The track is awesome, especially if you’re a fan of really old-school EBM and ’90s industrial. Drum machines galore, I can already see the hazy and glitchy club music video for the track. People donned in black and repping the platform heels behind smoke machines or some sort of alien robot orgy/ estate sale. I love it.

While the industrial influence is obvious, the darker aesthetic that people assume comes with it actually a misinterpretation.  Don’t be fooled by the lush, cold and pulsing beats. Pictureplane‘s music is as positive as it comes. “Most of my music is about positivity and empowerment,” he says. “It just sounds dark. If anything, it’s a reflection of the darkness in our society and within capitalism. It’s a resistance to the darkness really.”

We can always just let the lyrics speak for themselves, as well: Manipulate your machine / You’re a technomancer.

The album is slated release for Oct 30, but if you need more Pictureplane to hold you over until then – and I don’t blame you, shiiiiit – below is the awesome video for his track, “Hyper Real.”

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