PLUR 101: Five Things Every Basic Raver Should Know About Electric Daisy Carnival

July 7th, 2015

PLUR 101: Five Things Every Basic Raver Should Know About Electric Daisy Carnival

plur 101 electric daisy carnival 5 tips for rave beginners

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If you’ve never been to a rave and Electric Daisy Carnival will be your de-virginizer, there’s a couple things you should know to prepare yourself for the kaleidoscopic insanity you’re about to experience.

I myself was once an EDC newb, much like you. But after three days gathering intel on the front lines and clearly sticking out in my t-shirt and jeans in a blaze of basic glory, I learned a few things that I think will help you acclimate and transform from rave caterpillar to incandescent rave butterfly who knows where I can buy drugs.

Here they are, because I really, really care about you kind of:

1. Bring kandi … not candy, kandi

Candy? L-l-like Starbursts? No, you nubile young life force. Kandi.

Kandi are the beaded bracelets, necklaces, and cuffs that get traded at raves. They are the fluorescent plastic currency of PLUR; the more you have on, the more people will ask you if you can hear the bass drop in their dick chakra. You want that because it means you’ve tapped into the vibes … or something.

Head ups, if you want to appear a seasoned raver, know the PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) hand movements to trade and if you want to be a pro, never trade from your left arm! Right arms only kids.



2. Keep your phone alive, at all costs

At a rave, anything can happen. Diplo can be playing a game of “Where’s Diplo?” with himself and show up randomly around the carnival like an omnipresent imp, fireworks can go off from all corners of your periphery, or a giant metal octopus spitting fire can roll by (casual). You really don’t miss out on the ultimate selfie with these fleeting occurrences, so make sure your phone’s batteries are good to go for the whole night.

Screenshot the schedule and make it your background, go airplane mode (you won’t have service anyways) bring six extra batteries, know where the charging stations are, and if all else fails, steal your friend’s phone. Don’t have your video cut out right before that drop, or you’ll never be able to SnapChat your EDC experience and you’ll die alone in the year 2044.


3. Pack light, you wanna keep those Trap arms free

EDC Day 1, I was an over-prepared Girl Scout and my back hurt like the back of a thousand Quasimodos by 1:00am.  Thankfully, EDC is one of the rare places where fanny packs are cool again, so embrace the trend and travel light. Go ahead and let that aluminum water bottle filled with Courvoisier dangle off your hip; it’s only kinda lame-looking, I promise. Don’t be that guy who can’t fistpump when the DJ yells, “Put your hands up for Ibiza!”

In terms of fanny pack contents, focus on the essentials: Chapstick, wipes, earplugs, pasties, watermelon flavored condoms, a wanton antibiotic and some currency, preferably American. Also, pro-tip: bandannas over your mouth aren’t a statement … they really do help with all the dirt. And you look like you have street cred.


4. Parking: Yeah … it’s gonna suck

It’s going to take you about three hours to leave the parking lot every morning. Sigh …

But patience, grasshopper, don’t get frustrated. Keep snacks, music, pillows, Tamagachi’s, old Playboys from the ’70sand whatever else you entertain yourself with in your car.

Also, fill up your water bottle before you leave the venue, because the sheer frustration of trying to leave a parking lot full of tweaking rave bunnies sure works up a sweat. Hydration nation!


5. Have a plan … a very flexible plan

Oh, the sets I missed! Dinner or Benny Benassi? Sorry Benny Ben, I chose hot dogs over you any day.

Things can change fast out there, so know that the world isn’t over if you miss a set. Still, familiarize yourself with the schedule for the day (Reference that lock screen!). Have a back-up plan, a meeting spot (and no not the daisies), an exit strategy and don’t stop having a good time! There are thousands of people around if you really do need help. You don’t wanna be like these lost rave bunnies at 6am …  All decked out in raver bras and furry boots with no place to go.


So, with that, rage on friends! And remember; PLUR is your daddy now, so you answer to it.


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