May 15th, 2013

Yesterday, Anamanaguchi released their highly anticipated first full length album Endless FantasyThe chip tuners have certainly risen to the occasion infusing their famed 8-bit synths with contemporary guitar lines and for the first time ever, vocals! It’s true the 22 track album is a bit lengthy but the occasional interlude provides a cleansing of the listening palate to avoid burning out. In fact, if you have an affinity for for the NES/Nintendo era you’ll find yourself envisioning your own 8-bit adventure!


As a child of the 80’s I respect Anamanaguchi for embracing their retro flow but am happy to see a progression from their earlier work. The new album pays tribute to all the chip tunes of past while elevating their music to incorporate contemporary influences. Each track begins in a new place, or on a new level for all you gamer nerds out there, and takes you somewhere unexpected yet familiar. The addition of vocals is something that has the band and fans excited and for good reason. Listening to Meesh’s synth pop pipes on “Japan Air,” it wouldn’t surprise me to find her in future endeavors with the chip rockers. One of the most exciting prospects to come from the new album is the possibility of new music videos! Anamanaguchi was able to reach their Kickstarter goal with ease and pledges have kept pouring in accumulating almost $160K with plenty of time to spare. Watch the Meow music video below to see why I’m excited to see what’s in store for the future.

This album release could not have come at a better time as Check Yo Ponytail 2 is right around the corner! As you know, seeing a band live is a much more visceral experience than listening through headphones or computer speakers, and seeing Anamanaguchi live will seem surreal debuting this incredible album live. Make sure to snag your tickets to the show below. We’ll see you Tuesday, June 11th for Check Yo Ponytail 2 with Anamanaguchi, Juiceboxxx, Chrome Sparks, and D/A/D at the Echoplex!

Tickets available HERE.