Premiere: Go Dark’s Uplifting New Single “Don’t”

October 15th, 2015

Premiere: Go Dark’s Uplifting New Single “Don’t”

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Go Dark is mega-babe vocalist ASH and Anticon co-founder and Clouddead member Doseone, a man whose reputation as a hip-hop legend far precedes him. According to urban mythology, the pair met while apathetically watching a drunken fist fight on the street in Oakland three years ago. They’ve been thrashing buttons and cutting analog kick-drum-heavy electronic music ever since.

Today, we’re excited to premiere their brand new single “Don’t,” off their forthcoming second EP BRIGHTWILD, out October 30.

“We wrote ‘Don’t’ about the numb and flames tamed between relationships,” Doseone (aka Adam Drucker) told us over email. “It’s made for bumping when you’re burning out on people, before or after ‘the good part.’ True matches only work once, and that’s a beautiful thing.”

That message is easily conveyed in “Don’t.” With its rich electronic heartbeat, otherworldly vocals and almost ironically optimistic cadence, you get the sense that Go Dark’s vision of fleeting romance is one of admiration, not depression. Video-gamey synth arpeggios and a dance-heavy beat seem to propel you forward out of stagnancy, suggesting suggest you quit your yer wallowin’ and move on from whatever’s weighing you down. For me, it’s the fact I can’t find a Scorpions shirt on eBay that’s smaller than XXXL, but we’re all dealing with our own shit, you know?

Oh wait, did someone say “video-gamey?” in the preceding paragraph? Someone did. Hi. It was me. Perfect segue: Go Dark’s upcoming EP BRIGHTWILD has actually been made into its very own, classic-style video game as well. All the art and music within the game was created by ASH and Doseone themselves, and was inspired by Go Dark’s lovely discography. When you beat it, you get a prize: a free copy of their EP. I’d highly recommend checking it out; it’s a really interesting way to interact with artists and their music beyond passively letting it into your ear holes while you burn your mouth on Pizza Pockets.

BRIGHTWILD the game will go live on October 30, the same day as the EP. There’s no link to share with you for that yet, but I will share it with you when I get it, so help me God.

For an idea of what the game will look and feel like, check out the game they made to go with their first EP, BITCHSWORD last year.

In the meantime, go lurk Go Dark’s other awesome songs on their Soundcloud, and stay tuned for more news from the up-and-coming super group.