Premiere: Jonathan AKA J Dub Drops Quirky Banger “Swagga Lynda Barry”

October 14th, 2015

Premiere: Jonathan AKA J Dub Drops Quirky Banger “Swagga Lynda Barry”

J Dub - Swagga Lynda Barry

No one knows where he came from but somehow he’s managed to soar to the top of the Beverly Hills rap game.

That would be Jonathan AKA J Dub, whose new single “Swagga Lynda Barry,” is a banger that’s as controversial as it is flattering. In this dark trap ode to the beautiful women of the creative class, J Dub turns up and moshes in the surrealist atmosphere of his Los Angeles art house. Produced by S. Kalvini, the song varies in style, going from modern party rap to electro siren-blaring that evokes Death Grips. Scenery includes group finger painting, flower eating, and a strange group of cowboy clowns who play the banjo and sell drugs.

At one point, he offers one of the hipster sirens in his video some “hot organic mint green tea” then name drops Lars Von Trier, and if that simple string of words hasn’t already gotten you pregnant, than you basic and J Dub doesn’t want no part of you.

The song references the work of Lynda Barry, an alternative comic book artist, famed for her sketchbook collage style and her insight into the psychology of the artist’s dilemma. In the video, the apple of J Dub’s eye is a tatted, red-headed ukulele player who represents the intoxicating allure of young millennials everywhere. THEY’RE JUST SO FREE-SPIRITED.

The competence of their cultural critiques *swoon*. The lazers that shoot out of their eyeballs with incredible precision to destroy any hint of patriarchy that dare cross their path *orgasm*. Sometimes their brimming potential is just too hot to handle… and you know it’s going to take more than a few high brow name-drops and 90’s cartoon references for them to invite you over for the fabled ‘Netflix and chill.’ More like ‘CSPAN-2 and double anal.’

It’s the type of thing that you might expect to come out of California in 2015: a weed-fueled anthem of misplaced enthusiasm for pixie dream girls. It seems like Jonathan AKA J Dub would be the kind of dude to only date a girl who can accurately quote Wes Anderson films. Still, despite its obvious disregard of political correctness, this shit bangs. “Swagga Lynda Barry” is an impressive video from a relative unknown. The production value of J Dub’s rap jams have drastically improved since his last venture into hip hop (2013’s “Sensitive To My Aura“) in which he gallivanted around Beverly Hills surrounded by much booty shaking glory.

Jonathan AKA J Dub is expected to drop his Almost Famous mixtape in early November.

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