fbpx QT unleashes new "Hey QT" video upon your ass, nothing will ever be the same – IHEARTCOMIX
March 26th, 2015


QT just dropped the video for her “Hey QT” single, a little aural nugget of wonder produced by PC Music wizards Sophie and A. G. Cook.

In the video, QT has not a single hair or molecule out of place as she develops the DrinkQT energy drink in a technologically unheard-of laboratory of the future. You can just imagine any sort of dirt or spillage instantly evaporating upon impact in the ultra-sterile, ultra-modern environment of science and biochemical finagling QT inhabits, a nice pairing with the squeaky-clean production of the song.

As with most of PC’s sounds and imagery, everything is clean, collected, scrubbed for bits of sonic detritus and fierce as shit, a really comforting fact if you have a debilitating fear of dust and shitty music. Let it scrub your eyes clean below, and when you’re done, scroll down to check out Diplo’s “Hey QT” remix, courtesy of XL. Download it here.