fbpx Reece Is Just 19 and His New Single "Don't Go" Proves Why He's Worth the Buzz – IHEARTCOMIX
August 20th, 2015

What the fuck was I doing at the age of 19? Falling in love with one-night stands and taking swigs from Svedka bottles? Psh.

In no way was I anywhere near the top of my game like Reece is. Yes, he’s 19, and yes, he’s making¬†music that can give The Weeknd a run for his money. Check out his new single, “Don’t Go” and enjoy the combination of crying and cumming.

Equal parts haunting and emotional, Reece’s lyrics in “Don’t Go” match the caliber of his vocal chops. In an interview with ArtistDirect, Reece offers his musical influences that include Lana Del Rey and “sad moody stuff.” Moody might be a good word – if anything, Reece’s take on emo R&B will definitely get you thinking about the last person to break your heart. “If I lose you, I lose me too,” Reese laments. Sniffle. Excuse me while I take a moment to sob into my triple-chocolate cake…

Listen to “Ghost” next if I’ve yet to convert you onto Reece‘s music. Also eerie and tumultuous as my last fling. Yikes. Thanks for reminding me, Reece.

There’s a notable buzz going around when it comes to Reece’s talent. Stay tuned for more sad, contemplative music from him on his SoundCloud.