Remix Battle: ASTR – “Activate Me”

June 9th, 2015

Remix Battle: ASTR – “Activate Me”


TWO ARTISTS. TWO REMIXES. ONE SONG. ONE WINNER. Oh, its on like Kim Jong people…

The New York based electro-pop outfit ASTR has recently released the lead single from their upcoming EP entitled Homecoming that is quite a nice piece of ear-candy. The track, “Activate Me”, has attracted many a listener with its refreshing fusion of the classic 90s dance aesthetic we all know and love and the production capabilities of modern-day EDM. Blood-thirsty producers from all over the globe have gotten a hold of the stems and have Frankensteined this bitch into several different ass-whoopin’ dance monsters, ready to duke it out in the ring.

So today we welcome two big renditions into the IHC Octagon for yet another electrifying bout.

Fresh off the stage from the California’s notorious Lightning in a Bottle festival in the high desert, SNBRN continues to bring the heat upon your barren, no SPF-wearin’ ass with his new “Activate Me” remix. The up-and-coming producer enters the match with his killer upbeat house version that packs a serious gut-punch. SNBRN is quick to fire ’em off, but doesn’t throw all of his cards on the table at once with this one. He’s already chokin’ out nerds by the first drop, but when it comes time for the second … that’s when the full-fledged Mortal Kombat dick kickin’ is in motion. The punchy bassline is brought together with the angelic pads and disco-esque keys to hit you with a viscous serving of the feels that pins you down like a large wildcat in heat.

In the other corner we have Fool’s Gold heavyweight and LA’s very own Hoodboi, jumping headfirst into the skirmish. His fatty rendition takes on an entirely different approach, hitting you heavy at a more lax, hip-hop pace. Hooboi jabs you into a corner until its nothing but uppercut after uppercut of ferocious full-bodied synth sounds straight to your money-maker. Just when you think its all over and the ref is watching closely for the TKO … ya boi lets up. Just so that he can drop a quick Xpac Suck It on the crowd and try to mentally prepare you for another serving of the butt-crushing.

Listen up and listen good! Then cast your votes down below and share to help us crown the next IHC Champion of the Remix one more time!