Remix Battle: CROOKERS “I Just Can’t”

May 14th, 2015

Remix Battle: CROOKERS “I Just Can’t”

Remix Battle: CROOKERS Edition

Well, what do we have here boys and girls? Looks like Dim Mak just dropped a remix record, which could only mean one thing … BATTLE TIME, BITCHES. This time around we have three worthy remixes of CROOKERS‘ latest single, “I Just Can’t” ft. R&B panty-dropper, Jeremih. The original has been making white girls “can’t even” and electro bros shuffle holes into their shoes for a few months now, but here with some fresh new takes on the track are Chris Lorenzo, Panic City, and Stabber.

Birmingham Bassline Bad Boy (alliteration game too strong), Chris Lorenzo, hops into the ring first with his heavy handed rendition of this bounce house banger. Lorenzo serves up a violent dose of trickery, which begins with Jeremih’s sensual vocals placed upon a romantic melodic buildup, but ends with a devastating warpy bassline thumping you right in the face. The drop hits and transports you to a damp dungeon somewhere in Eastern Europe where a buff dude in leather whips you with a horse crop as half naked girls exhale fire into the air … and you LIKE IT.

Next we’re headed to Panic City for another electro slapper! Panic comes off the bell ready to feed you a fresh can of whoop ass straight out the Dim Mak pantry. He warms up with some quick kicks and climbs right on up the ropes for an electrifying drop.  When the time is right … FROG SPLASH YA ASS WITH SOME THUNDEROUS BRASS.  The energy just keeps on flowing and Panic City refuses to gas out ’till someone’s crowned a winner.

As if there wasn’t already enough savagery in the ring, we have Stabber joining in to take it even deeper and darker. Stabber slows things down to a heavy hip hop tempo and sends the whole match into a frenzy. This grimy rendition grabs you right by the jock-strap and drags you through hell and back in record time. Before you know it, it’s all out trap clap, high hat, horn blowin’ warfare out there ladies and gentlemen! Sound the alarms!

So whose going to be taking home the belt today folks? Cast your votes down below and share with your homies to help us declare yet another IHC remix champion!