fbpx Remix Battle of the BBHMM! – IHEARTCOMIX
April 15th, 2015


Any time the beloved Queen of the Bad Bitches drops a new single, the internet must suit up for battle and prepare to fight through the endless hordes of remixes in hopes to find a few that may send your AUX cord up in flames or increase the fertility of your girlfriend.

Well today, ladies and gentledudes, IHEARTCOMIX has spared you the time and energy by serving you up two of the best remix specimens from Rihanna’s new “BBHMM” in this fiercely intense Remix Battle.

In the red corner we have IHC homie Luca Lush accompanied by Brasstracks. With their bright, bouncy rendition that’s  guaranteed to have your feet moving in about 2.3 seconds flat, they come out swinging like need the victory money to pay child support.   Just when you think you have it figured out, this tag team hits you with a viscous sucker-punch of a bassline and slaps you around like a drunk step-dad on St. Patrick’s Day. Once you’ve learned your lesson, it turns you right back around for a warm embrace and drops that textbook Luca Lush slow grind vibe on your candy ass. This remix has got it all, but can it stand up to the competition?

In the blue, it’s Bear Club heavyweight, P. Morris coming through with an absolute bass-sterpiece … (it reads better if you think fish … but obviously talking about the low-end here. idk guys I tried…) This remix sucker-punchers back and provides you with enough sub-frequency to blow out your mom’s minivan speakers with a swift 1-2. If this doesn’t make you daydream of scheming around South Central with blunt smoke accumulating in your Chevy Impala, then you probably aren’t equipped to handle this kind of slapper. He also gets well deserved bonus points for Photoshopping himself into Rihanna’s album art. Touche P.

Anyway, place your votes down below by Friday, April 17,  and help crown IHC’s first ever Lord of the Remix.

You can catch P. Morris doing his thing at our ClubIHC event around the corner on May 8th along with prolific producer Sinjin Hawke + many more.