fbpx REMIX BATTLE: The "Trap Shit V21" Triangle Match – IHEARTCOMIX
May 1st, 2015


It’s time for another remix battle y’all! This week, the infamous trap enigma known as ︻ ƱZ ︻ has teamed up with LA production legend 12th Planet to bring us a new EP entitled, “Trap Shit V21,” featuring the duo’s newest track and a number of very worthy remixes to go with it. For lack of better words, this release is HARD AF … even harder than trying figure out the cornucopia of alt-codes that constitute UZ’s SoundCloud bio.

Back at the IHC lair, we saw this an opportunity to shake things up a bit,  so we decided to throw all three of thee savage remixes on the EP into the ring for one hell of a championship bout. So without further adieu, we bring you THE TRAP SHIT V21 TRIANGLE MATCH!


The first contender is a tag team duo that goes by the name of Stooki Sound. As a matter of fact, you might have seen them wreak absolute havoc this past Saturday at ClubIHC over at the Lash Pop Up. These fearless trap prodigies hop into the ring to deliver exactly what is promised; TRAP SHIT. Their hood-friendly rendition starts with a cloud of smoke and grimy synth as they grit their teeth and flex it out. The beat tip toes around the ring waiting for the perfect moment to strike … and right when the ref turns his back, BOOM! They hit you right below the belt with a crippling 808 that will make you drop to your knees and call out to the based gods for mercy. The team keeps it nice and simple with this one, though their execution is flawless.


#2 AWE

Jumping right into the onslaught is LA local, AWE, with his signature blend of spastic rhythms and hyper-real sounds. With his rendition, AWE takes you for a ride on his futuristic whoop-ass machine and doesn’t hesitate to drive that bitch straight into a brick wall just to get your neck swangin’ like a crash-test dummy. It’s clear that this up-and-comer came ready to fight by this wonderfully schizophrenic, yet graciously controlled mix. His jabby bass-line hits from all angles and will leave any unsuspecting victims feeling as punch-drunk as Holyfield in ’97. But don’t tap out too soon, because we’ve got one more brute entering the ring.



Last but not least, we’ve got the very versatile and very dangerous Om Unit, hailing from London-town. He joins in the madness as the third point of the triangle, and he’s easily the most sinister. His dark approach to this track hits like a trap anthem, but packs some dirty tricks up its sleeve. Om Unit lures us to the darkest corners of the Amazon to tribal dance with the shamans as venomous vipers nip at our feet and a pygmy packs up the peace-pipe. His creative take on things is quite the way to deliver a finishing punch for this glorious EP .. .but is it enough to stand up to the competition? You be the judge.

Place your votes down below and help us strap the belt on the newest Champion of the Remix:


**UPDATE And Champion of the Remix is…. AWE!! Congratulations, it was a tough match!