fbpx REVIEW: Rainbow Arabia's "FM Sushi" – IHEARTCOMIX
May 28th, 2013

In the last few years, as new genres keep forming, infusing with each other and overall complicating themselves it has become more difficult to pinpoint a sound in so many words.  “Ambient” is one thrown around a lot, but in 2013 that word carries about as much meaning as “electronic music.”

rainbow arabia

Fellow Los Angeles Eastsiders and husband and wife duo Danny & Tiffany Preston together form Rainbow Arabia.  Their second full-length album, FM Sushi was released several weeks ago and its unique sound is just as difficult to pigeonhole.  Just calling it “ambient” doesn’t do it justice.   Rainbow Arabia has been known as an oriental fusion band, incorporating Middle Eastern and Asian elements into an otherwise typical indie framework.  With FM Sushi their sound appears more focused, and without compromising their original style they have managed to “clean up” around the edges.

That’s not to say FM Sushi lacks that creative spark of Boys and Diamonds.  The complexities that Rainbow Arabia managed to jam into ten tracks are really quite astounding.  While their style has not been completely reinvented, FM Sushi is bigger and better.  The engaging synth melodies and strong vocals set the tone for FM Sushi.  Rainbow Arabia’s songwriting talent is superb as it had been on Boys.  Production value and perhaps a solid sense of musical direction are what divide FM Sushi from their previous work.

From start to finish, FM Sushi is an all around great album. Rainbow Arabia with their second full album seem to be poised for greater success. They will be playing Check Yo Ponytail 2 at the Echoplex on June 20th alongside Tilly and the Wall and Batwings Catwings.

Tickets are available HERE.