fbpx RL Grime Makes The Weeknd Sound Even Better with Explosive Remix of 'The Hills' – IHEARTCOMIX
September 22nd, 2015

rl grime remixes the weeknd the hills sounds even better

Just when I thought I could catch my breath and my volatile obsession with The Weeknd would at least go into some sort of relaxing refractory period, a new lit remix of my favorite song “The Hills” surfaces from one of the hottest producers out there right now, and I honestly don’t know what to do with myself.

Thanks, RL Grime.

RL Grime is pretty much THE king of trap and bass these days (if headlining HARD festivals multiple times and selling out a huge 5,000-attendee show in NYC isn’t enough evidence for you.) His album VOID has been out for almost a year already and I still blast the shit out of it when I actually get the motivation to hit the gym and FLEX, bruh. Hot college chicks even wear his gear non-ironically along with leggings and Nikes, which is ironic to me because they saw him once at an aforementioned HARD event yet feel the need to assign themselves to his clan. That’s how big of a deal he is right now.

The Weeknd, on the other hand, is a man-boy with catchy hair and dead eyes who paralyzes me with his song. Anything he says I do because I’m under his mind control and also because I spent $12.99 on his album.

So really, it isn’t such a shocker that these two combined otherworldly forces on this remix. Booming bass, catchy rise, sped-up vocals abound as The Weeknd’s already pulse-pounding, nipple titillating track gets an impossibly stronger dose of urgency and affectation. Considering how trendy The Weeknd is right now, it’s expected that this track will be featured heavily in RL Grime’s sets. The crowd will most certainly go ape shit.

Anyway, I’m now convinced to tattoo The Weeknd’s face on my chest so thanks for the encouragement, RL Grime.

Check out RL Grime’s SoundCloud here. The Weeknd’s new album Beauty Behind the Madness is out now and the hype is still real, so peep that too.